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Social Design

Participants: BAVO, DEM collective, Marcus Jahnke, Mathilda Tham, Otto von Busch, Anders Emilson

‘“…the new ’political economy of design’ is marketing culture, branding of identity and specularization of commodities. Everything—not only architectural projects and art exhibitions but everything from jeans to genes—seems to be regarded as so much design…It is under this sense of design that so many of the crimes against life under capitalism are committed…Contemporary design, is part of a greater revenge of capitalism on postmodernism.”

“Contemporary design, is design purged of any lingering traces of resistance.” Hal Foster – Design & Crime

According to the quote above contemporary design is design without any traces of resistance and visions of another world. During one day we will find, create, discuss the possibilities for resistance within design. In what ways can design be used as a tool to comment and create our culture?

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