Projects > DreamsInPaperWhite
a film byHynek Bureš
producerAurélie de Lalande
cameraRanjan Palit
micP.B. Valson
main castArun Das, Parul Sehgal, Dhruv Jagasia, Ashish Paliwal - featuring Avijit Dutt

Business consultant Rajiv is bored with his well paid job. During the making of a corporate film for the company he works for Rajiv meets three young filmmakers ready to do anything in order to shoot their first film. While the artists get tangled up with an indian drug dealer and gentleman Rajiv's interest in these bohemian characters grows, his passive curiosity turning into action. A medium length film shot in Delhi, India

As a reaction to the day to day monotony of getting up, work in office and coming home tired but empty, frustration burst out in the form of a film project. During 2005 and first half of 2006 a film has been produced based on the concept: Learn by doing rather than sitting in a classroom. Acquiring skills in the realm of film making, an art completely foreign to me, has been energising. From the script to the planning, the shooting and postproduction new and often insurmountable glaring obstacles have to be overcome. The end result is not as much a Cannes-ripe medium length debut film as much as it is a final product of many valuable lessons. Apart the production skills needed to conclude such a project, the process continues to expand my inner horizon. Fear, success, doubts and self-criticism play a justified role in pushing one’s creative boundaries. - Hynek

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