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who we are

It all started around a tree. Emma, Hynek and Aurélie, with acrylic paint sticking to theirs hands and a strong sense of sharing a common space vibrating with possibilities, a rough canvas large enough to host our wildest dreams, inspirations and amazements. transitpassengers took root in India, has its trunk in three European countries -France, Sweden and Switzerland, and its branches around the world.

We are transitpassengers, an organisation that works with culture as a weapon and a provocateur for discussion or quiet contemplation about the world we share.

our mission

  • Promote cultural exchange.
  • Work with cultural diversity and for the creation of democratic spaces for free expression.
  • Create and implement transitpassengers’ and associates’ projects, and support likeminded initiatives.

a few more things you may want to know about transitpassengers

Transitpassengers is a politically independent and non-profit organisation which believes that complexity, diversity, multiple layers, memory, history are notions which should always come to our minds when we evoke the tricky notion of culture.

Transitpassengers is afraid of simplication, boxes, ready-made ideas, generalisation, stereotypes when upgraded to truths, and the notion of truth. Rather transitpassengers’ goal is to initiate projects aiming at tackling and questioning contemporary realities.

We are an organisation that collaborates with social, cultural and artistic organisations, institutions, collectives, movements, networks and individuals from all over the world.

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